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Green Action

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Healthy Communities

The Riverside County Department of Public Health has publicly recognized the need to create more livable communities. Riverside is committed to actively promoting sustainable and healthy living for all residents by making it more active, knowledgeable, and garden-friendly.


Goal 18

Create a 5% increase in community participation in sporting, social, and community gardening programs aimed at reducing population obesity.

  1. Conduct a citywide inventory of community gardens and local farmers markets.
  2. Utilize existing relationships with local agencies, such as school districts and nonprofit organizations, and increase awareness and participation in community gardens and farmers markets.
  3. Utilizing local resources, create and facilitate “How To…” classes focusing on “green” throughout the city.
  4. Develop strategies and programing which will encourage the reduction of the overweight and obesity rates of Riverside to less than 50 percent.
  5. Develop a citywide campaign to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  6. In coordination with local medical facilities, encourage participation by the Riverside community in annual health and wellness fairs.
  7. Coordinate with local senior centers on a regular basis to ensure that Riverside’s growing senior community has access to comprehensive healthy living resources.

Goal 19

5% reduction in the City’s population with asthma by 2020.

  1. Work with county to identify factors contributing to asthma in the city and develop a baseline for reduction.
  2. Use asthma baseline and identified contributing factors to pursue reductions in asthma affected populations.