Green Riverside
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Green Action

Find out about our Green Action Plan.

Green Action

Over the past decade, Riverside has taken great strides in becoming a leader in urban sustainability, and as a result, our city has accomplished a long list of green goals. From our hydrogen fueling stations to our many solar rooftops, we're more than just green - we're emerald.



Green Action Plan

Read and find out more about our Green Action Plan.


Find out and read about our energy goals.

GHG Emissions

See the steps created to reduce green house gas emissions.


Solid waste recycling can help reduce climate change impacts.

Urban Design

Learn more about our urban design goals.

Urban Nature

Read about preservation and protection of our open spaces.


Transportation poses significant challenges to address.


Riverside Public Utilities is water independent. Learn more.

Healthy Communities

We're committed to actively promoting healthy living.