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Electric Vehicles

Got your electric vehicle yet?

Today, Riverside residents can own a vehicle that uses little or no gasoline, produces no tailpipe exhaust and costs pocket change to operate. The cars accelerate fast, run quietly and take you anywhere you need to go. You can even drive it in carpool lanes past freeway traffic. And generous rebates and incentives are available to help you buy your EV.

In Riverside and across California, a new generation of electric vehicles (EVs) is now available in lots of shapes and sizes with more models on the way, so there’s a car to fit your lifestyle. From the zero-emission Nissan Leaf to the plug-in hybrid Chevy Volt sedan to the made-in-California Codas or Tesla roadsters, as well as models offered by Ford, Honda and Toyota, among others. They plug into your garage or curbside charging stations. Advanced hybrid motors enable the cars to travel hundreds of miles for road trips.

Riverside city residents can take advantage of special local incentives that, when combined with state and federal offers, shave thousands of dollars off the sticker price. The cars are ideal for Riverside, home to visionary leadership to advance clean technology and reduce air pollution.

What’s it like to own an EV?

In addition to financial incentives, many EV owners can skip traffic with special access to high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes on freeways. The cars are quick because electric motors have turbo-like torque. They are great for the lungs and conscience since they burn little or no gasoline, which saves money and protects human health and the environment. It feels good to help drive a solution, not a problem.

To learn more or find the right EV for you, please visit the videos and links on this website. Or connect with the burgeoning EV community via Riverside’s social media pages and tell your friends. Or visit Riverside dealers for an EV test drive.

A new generation of EVs is here today. Get plugged in and start driving your community to a new future.

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Rebates and Incentives

That's right, they'll help you buy your EV.

  Up to $500
  (All electric vehicles only)
City of Riverside more information
  Up to $2,500 State of California more information
  $7,500 Federal government more information
  HOV-lane access   more information
UP TO $10,500!

EVs and Your Pocketbook

Driving a vehicle that doesn’t pollute is great for the environment and Riverside. It feels good to pass gasoline stations without a fill up. As you shop for your EV, learn how far it will go, or how much it costs to operate, or how it compares to other vehicles using this interactive link sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and the EPA. You can also try this EV cost calculator.

Electric vehicle dealers in Riverside

Alvarez Motors
Offers neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs)

Riverside Nissan
Offers Leaf
888-741-8949 or 951-509-6500

Raceway Nissan
Offers Leaf

Riverside Metro Honda

Fritts Ford

Raceway Nissan
Offers Volt

Toyota of Riverside
Offers Prius

Raceway Ford



Fast Facts

Studies show driving a battery-powered car costs pennies per mile to operate - much less than gasoline.

Vehicles produce more than half the soot and smog-forming emissions in Southern California and nearly 40 percent of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions.

California aims to put more than 1.4 million EVs on the road by 2025 – accounting for one in seven new cars sold.

Riverside’s first mayor, Samuel C. Evans, sought to build electric vehicle infrastructure for the city in 1912.



FAQs about EVs

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