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Riverside Sustainability Coalition

What began as Riverside's Clean & Green Task Force has been transformed into the Riverside Sustainability Coalition.

Members of the coalition come from every walk of life and represent local business, faith communities, engineers and architects, schools and the wider community.

These innovative projects convinced city leaders and residents that more could be done to make Riverside a greener place, and as word of our success spread, local support poured in.

Each quarter, the coalition meets at Riverside City Hall to discuss the goals of the Green Action Plan and to ensure that it is successfully implemented by city agencies, local businesses and community groups. The dedicated individuals of the coalition monitor the impact of the original Green Action Plan, with all of its later enhancements, and make recommendations as Riverside moves toward a greener, more sustainable future.

Next RSC Meeting:

Mayor’s Ceremonial Room
City Hall, 7th Floor
3900 Main St. Riverside, CA 92501